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TCA Peels

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You may be a candidate for a chemical peel if:
• Your skin has brown spots
• You are bothered by wrinkles
• Your face has dull complexion
• You are looking your age
• You have had too much sun for too long
• You would like to look refreshed

Skin peels of varying descriptions have been used for many years. According to historical accounts, ancient civilization used masks composed of sour milk or wine residues to improve their appearance. Today, we may not use milk or wine, but chemical peels remain a proven method to help regain the smooth, healthy complexion you desire.

Chemical peels can be used to treat wrinkles, sunspots and facial scarring. Peels are most commonly performed on the face and neck, although the chest, hands, arms and legs can also be treated depending on the type of peel that is used.

By varying the amount of chemical applied, you can get different depths of peel while using the same chemical agent. A deep peel results in the regeneration of collagen, the protein that is a major component in the body's connective tissues. A superficial peel can achieve good results with repeated applications.

During your consultation with Dr. Hura, you will want to explain the level of skin improvement you hope to achieve. Dr. Hura will then review your medical history and examine your skin type and pigmentation to determine if you are a good candidate for a chemical peel. Together, we can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of chemical peels, discuss your options, your expectations and determine the best treatment for you.

Don't forget to mention your history of medical problems, sensitivity to the sun or prior skin treatments such as dermabrasion or accutane treatments within the past six months.

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