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Skin Care & Smart Diet

NuCelle Skin Care

As we age and are exposed to all the elements of our environment, the process of new cell turnover begins to slow down, and the old dead skin begins to build up. These NuCelle products were especially created to enhance your youthful glow and repair any damage done. This product treats and is helpful for the following:

1. Skin tone looks brighter and healthier
2. Skin feels smoother - rejuvenation for the entire body
3. Helps diminish and blend irregular skin pigments
(Rosacea, Acne, Melasma, Pregnancy Mask)
4. Reverses signs of sun damaged skin
5. Effective following laser resurfacing
6. Good skin preparation for use in conjunction with cosmetic products


Hyalogy Total Skin Care

Hyalogy P-Effect Essence is an ultra-light serum that produces immediate visible results on fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the periorbital area, forehead lines and mouth area. This treatment is compatible with all skin types and truly works remarkably!

Unlike other products containing hyaluronic acid, Hyalogy products are specially designed with an advanced nanotechnology process to deliver moisture penetration deep beneath the epidermal level, replenishing the skin's natural moisture level.


Smart Diet

In our daily practice, we provide well intended advice about the benefits of diet and exercise to our patients.

Although not as glamorous as the "Quick Fix", nutrition is the most effective dietary strategy for enhancing good health and, exercise performance is a diet providing adequate energy in a well balanced distribution of carbohydrate, protein, fat and adequate fluid intake. To get the nutrients you need, you have to eat a variety of foods. After determining your dietary goals with Dr. Hura, he will prescribe the FDA approved appetite suppressive medications and adjust the number and size of daily portions to reach and stay at your healthy body weight.

Regardless of age, shape or size, a good dietary practice is always fundamental when it's included with exercise.

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